What are the General Principles of Cover Provided?

An “All Risks” policy principally offers cover for an identifiable incident which causes damage or results in a loss.

Despite what could be read into the ” All Risk” label, the cover provided does have a number of exclusions and restrictions and these vary from one insurer to another. The only way to truly identify what is not covered is to look at the finer detail of your policy. In particular, terrorism is excluded and will need to be purchased separately if this is required.

It is also worth noting that as a general rule, the insurance company will expect the property to be kept in a good condition and maintained to an acceptable level.

All insurance companies offer insurance protection in “absolute good faith”, based on information provided to them and a duty of care by the Policyholder. This ultimately puts the onus on the policyholder to advise the insurance company of any material fact that could affect the cover provided.


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